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Technical Support


Technical Support Policy


The goal of our Customer Support Plan is to enable you and your organisation to maximize the benefits of your investment in RUGGEDTAB products. We do this by developing a long-term strategic partnership with you and working closely with you to understand and respond to your unique business needs.

Definition of a Support Case 

A ‘Support Case’ is defined as a single issue or question on a single subject posed to Technical Support that arises from a RUGGEDTAB product or its usage. Any resultant requests for clarification by our support team, and your responses to them, are treated as being part of the original Support Case. 

Examples of Support Cases include: 

  • You have encountered an error with the operation of a RUGGEDTAB product. 
  • You require clarification about a documented feature. 
  • You are looking for guidance on the correct use of a product feature. 

A unique case reference number is assigned to all cases that are logged by Technical Support. You can use the number to track the progress of your case.

Technical Support Structure

RUGGEDTAB utilises the 3-tier Technical Support structure:

1st line of support:

The problem is logged by the contacted person and possibly solved at that point (Sales issues, shipping, packaging, simple technical issues, etc.)

2nd line of support:

Where the resolution of a case requires in-depth technical or otherwise knowledge or implementation support or support from the developers, then you will be referred to the Professional Services Team.

3rd line of support:

Where the online support is unable to solve the issue, the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) will be issued. The unit then can be returned to RUGGEDTAB Service Centre for investigation. Depending on a product failure cause a Customer will be either:

  • Sent a replacement unit
  • Sent a repaired unit
  • Credited

Please, refer to RUGGEDTAB RMA Process for the details of RMA procedures.

Eligibility to receive support

The Technical Support Plan is available to:

  • A customer issued a demo unit for the pre-purchase evaluation study of product features and operation specifics
  • A customer purchased the RUGGEDTAB product 

The Technical Support Plan only applies to:

  • A RUGGEDTAB Demo unit
  • The purchased GlobComm products
  • Limited technical advice may be provided for other GlobComm and third-party products supported or distributed by GlobComm 

The standard Technical Support Plan does not include on-site support. GlobComm may provide on-site support on a time and materials basis or as part of an Optional Support Service.

Eligibility for a Demo unit 

Subject to the availability, RUGGEDTAB may lend a Demo unit for a pre-purchase evaluation study of a product features and its operation.

The standard loan period is 10 business days. This time may be extended at RUGGEDTAB discretion upon the customer written request.

  • The Demo unit shall be returned to RUGGEDTAB in due time in working condition without any damage, visible or otherwise. Any damage to the Demo unit will be charged to a customer at a price of a new unit.
  • Upon return of a Demo unit, all customised applications/drivers shall be removed. RUGGEDTAB recommends performing a Factory reset when applicable or manually delete all and any files and drivers uploaded into the device during the evaluation period. 
  • Any custom applications left on the device shall be removed by RUGGEDTAB Service Centre at a customer expense. 
  • Any passwords (PIN, Security Codes, BIOS Passwords, etc) set on the Demo unit systems for evaluation purposes must be cleared/removed prior to return. You will be charged $100 to reset the system

Support for custom code and applications 

The standard Technical Support Plan does not cover the support of custom code. 

If Technical Support determines that an issue is caused by custom code, we will try to offer some direction. However, it is ultimately the customer responsibility to resolve such issues. 

GlobComm may provide support on custom code and applications on either a time and materials basis or as part of an Optional Support Service.

Third-party product support 

In situations where RUGGEDTAB is reselling a third-party vendor’s product, RUGGEDTAB may offer support for those products under a third-party technical support plan. 

Technical Support contacts 

Technical Support contacts are the customer individuals designated to liaise with RUGGEDTAB Technical Support and manage support issues on behalf of the customer organisation. 

There is no limit to the number of support contacts, provided that each contact is an experienced GlobComm product user. 

Focusing support activity through a core group of trained individuals improves communication quality and results in improved responses and potentially faster resolution times.

Technical Support Life Cycle

Technical Support is provided from the date of purchase of RUGGEDTAB products for the time of a standard product warranty period. After that time, a customer may purchase extended Technical Support for selected GlobComm products as per Optional Support Service.

Logging a support request 

The best way to resolve an issue is first to contact your main POC (point of contact) at RUGGEDTAB via telephone call or email. If the issue could not be resolved at that time, then a support case shall be open, and a customer will be issued a unique support case Ticket Number. The best way to log a support request is via either:

Please, note your Ticket Number and state it when making any future contact with support on the same matter. To help RUGGEDTAB provide the best service, please include the following details:

  1. Your name, Company name
  2. The Business Impact of the problem
  3. The GlobComm product details: 
    1. Product description, model, version
    2. Product serial number
    3. Date of purchase
    4. A detailed description of the problem (incl. any error messages received)
    5. Other information which may help to resolve the matter

Please, note the standard response time in within 2 business days.

If the problem is critical and severe the response time is within 1 business day.

Case handling and resolution processes

A response is a reply from RUGGEDTAB Technical Support to the customer that: 

  • Requests additional information necessary to progress the support case, or 
  • Provides suggested steps to take that will progress the case to resolution (i.e. a solution or workaround to the support case), or 
  • Provides a status update for issues. 

Case status values are shown below:

  • Open – Technical Support team is working on the issue
  • Closed – The case has been closed 

When it is feasible and to make it easier and faster to investigate and resolve the issue, the technical support consultant may ask a customer to allow access to the RUGGEDTAB product environment using a remote support tool to: 

  • Investigate and analyse problems  
  • Assist you with problem diagnosis and/or resolution. 
  • Explain and/or demonstrate how to use the product 

In this situation, the support consultant will discuss the process and appropriate tools.


When is a case closed? 

A case is closed when one of the following situations occur: 

  • Customer advised that the issue is resolved or can be closed. 
  • A solution has been provided by the technical support consultant and resolved the case. 
  • The cause of the problem is deemed to be unrelated to any deficiency in the RUGGEDTAB product or is related to custom code and applications or other add-ons installed by the customer.
  • The product specification does not support the requirements of a customer intended use.

A customer will receive an email notification about Support Case closure.

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